A warm welcome to the Innovation Home family. We have gathered relevant information in this manual to make joining our community easier. Have fun working at Innovation Home!

Innovation Home Kamppi

Kansakoulukatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

Puh. +358 40 670 0141



Coworking spaces (-1 floor) are open Mon – Fri between 8.30 and 16.30, staff is also present then. Holidays and weekends are closed, unless informed otherwise. 


Garage and courtyard gates are open Mon – Fri from 7:00 till 19:00. Otherwise you can open the gates with your access tag. 

Private events can be organised in the coworking premises: 

– Office rooms are available 24/7 

– Other alternative passageways are pointed out


HOX! The alarms are on between 22:00 and 05:00. At this time you can use your access tag to enter the building. If the door is left open for over a minute the alarm will go off. 

If a user triggers the alarm, the user will be charged for the extra fees caused by the alarm.


The front door is open mon-fri  8:30-16:30. Passage to floors is with a personal access tag. 

Passage after 16:30 only from the main entrance, unless you have to go through the garage. Please make sure to close the door and check that it is locked. 

Garage and courtyard passage are open between 7:00-19:00.


The access tags provided to member companies are defined in their contracts. Access tags are personal and the admittance is defined by membership in the contract. 

Fee for a missing access tag is 40 €. If you misplace a tag, kindly let us know immediately by emailing kamppi@coworkinghome.com.

Arriving with bike or car

Bike racks are located in the courtyard and on the 1st floor of the parking garage. Route to bike racks in the parking garage is from the ramp with the access tag and you’ll find the bike racks on your left hand side. You can access the courtyard from the passage on the left side of the main entrance.

Parking is possible in Kansakoulukatu and in Annankatu in the street parking spaces. Closest parking garage is P CityForum from which you can exit to Kansakoulukuja. It is possible to rent parking spaces in KOO3-property directly from CapMan. 



Please visit coworkinghome.com to find information about Innovation Home’s other members. 

Assigned company contact must notify kamppi@coworkinghome.com of any changes to the premises users. Failure to do so may result in charges in key management costs, for example.

Company’s new member contact information will be sent to kamppi@coworkinghome.com. Ordering a new access tag will take about 1-5 business days. 



Innovation Home Kamppi offers the following spaces: Common places are on the -1st floor our co-working space. The coffee machine, refrigerator for members, freshly filtered coffee and hot water are located in the community area. Please make sure to clean up after yourself. 


Toilets can be found on the 1st floor in the reception area and on both sides of the halls. -1 floor hall next to the coffee machine.

Showers, saunas and locker rooms are on the -2 floor for men and females. 


We have Wi-Fi in all of our spaces and team rooms. 

You can ask the password from the staff. Passwords for the guest network are in all of the doorways in the meeting rooms.



On the top: 18 person room, located on the -1 floor

Empathy: 8 person room, located on the -1 floor

Mandatum: 8 person room, located on the -1 floor

Matchmaking: 6 person room, located on the -1 floor

Happiness: 6 person room, located on the 1st floor¨

Studio: 4 person room, podcast room located on the -1 floor

Meeting bookings are made through email kamppi@coworkinghome.com

Please always leave the meeting room in a tidy condition for the next user and turn off the meeting technology. When the meeting rooms are free, they can be used for work. However, please note the start time of the next meeting! 


Should our shared spaces be reserved for an event, our staff will appoint another space for working. Innovation Home reserves the right to close the shared space on six days a year and on the public holidays.


Catering services can be ordered for meetings. Catering can be ordered via email at least 4 days prior to the event for events with less than 10 participants. For events with more than 10 participants the reservation and order must be made one week in advance

Catering orders include service and cleaning.

Catering orders must be cancelled ahead of time. For under 10 participants order 4 days advance and over 10 participants orders must be cancelled 7 weekdays prior to the day. Otherwise we will charge fully for the order.

Coffee and other servings

The coffee and the dishes on the coffee table are delicacies for members. Servings reserved for customer events are always marked separately. 

Catering for meetings / guests must be ordered in advance via email kamppi@coworkinghome.com. Meals can be paid for with a card or invoiced from the company.

Cafe & Snack Bar

From the reception you can find Innovation Home cafe which serves specialty coffees, breakfast, pastries and also after work service. We also have a snack bar in the cafe that sells snacks, soft drinks and treats.


The recycling point can be found on the -1 floor and reception cafe on the 1st floor.

Bottles, cans: 1st and -1 floors

Paper collection, metal, glass and cardboard: Elevator hallway in -1 floor, 1st floor and courtyard garbage disposer.

Cardboard: Please take the big cardboard trash directly to the trash and make sure to fold them. 

Mixed waste: Multiple disposers in the property and courtyard garbage disposer.

Bio-waste:  In -1 floor, 1st floor and courtyard garbage disposer.

Plastic waste: Elevator hallway in -1 floor, 1st floor and courtyard garbage disposer.

Property garbage disposal area is in the left corner of the courtyard. You can also find there: 

Energy waste

Battery waste

Small electronics waste


Please keep in mind that the courtyard garbage disposal is for the whole property. So please recycle and fold the cardboard so every trash can fit. 

If you are unsure about recycling, please ask help from our staff!


The postal address of your company transferred to us is co / Innovation Home, Kansakoulukatu 3, 00100 Helsinki. Mail is distributed directly to people / rooms or on the clips on door frames . Clients on the top floors can collect their mail from the reception. Unless they make their own contract directly with Posti. You can also ask about mails directly from Innovation Kamppi’s staff. We try to announce arriving packages via text message or email. 


Printing and scanning

The Konica Minolta multifunction printer is in the 1st floor hallway and -1 floor in the Innovation Home office. You need a personal PIN to use it. You will receive this when you send the printable materials for the first time as an e-mail attachment to print@ihf.fi. The PIN code is active for 30 days. Thus, printable materials are always sent to the same address. Note! The printer can no longer change the size of the printout, so make sure your printable material is already in A4 or A3 size.

Black and white prints are free of charge, color prints cost € 0.20 per page, A3 prints € 0.40 per page.

Office supplies

Flipcharts and markers for meeting rooms come on behalf of Innovation Home, other office supplies are taken care of by the member company itself.


Rooms and shared areas are cleaned once a week. Your own large rubbish, cardboard, etc. must be taken to the designated waste bins on the -1st floor (see: recycling). Please note that if you have not ordered a catering, it is your responsibility to clean up the conference room. Should any major damage occur, notify the staff immediately and we will have more robust equipment on site and avoid permanent damage.

Member benefits

Did you know that Dustin is one of the leading IT product and service retailers in the Nordics? Our selection has over 260 000 IT products from 900 different manufacturers. We are the main partner for presentation equipment in Innovation Home Kamppi. All of the meeting rooms are established by our Dustin Byod Solo solution. Because of  this you can easily use the presentation equipment with our own devices: workstation, tablet or mobile phone. With only one cord (USB-C) you have all the presentation equipment at your use.

We can fulfill all of your electrical equipment needs from computer mices to networks! Contact us and we will sort out your IT needs!

Riku Salkkio, Account Manager


puh. 040 154 6024

Mathias Juslin, AV Sales Specialist


puh. 050 434 992

Occupational health that supports mindfulness should be a part of everybodys well rounded working life. Heltti offers for Innovation Home’s member companies occupational health that supports your mindfulness for partnership prices! Read more from: https://heltti.fi/tyoterveys-yhteisoiden-jasenille/


Innovation Home offers members weekly yoga. Timetables are in the weekly letter. Also stairs workout in Malminkartano waste slope every Sunday at 15:30.

If you are interested in other member benefits, ask from the staff.

Mentors and partners

We will be happy to connect you with Innovation Home mentors and other partners you will find on our website. For an intro, please contact Petra.


Innovation Home welcomes friends, family and business partners to our facilities. Please remember to book a meeting room if necessary. Coffee is free. Our catering will be happy to deliver conference catering for your event, order 2 days before the event by email to kamppi@coworkinghome.com. 

Please take care of receiving and directing your guests out. Reception will announce your quest arriving by phone or email. Children are welcome, but the caretaker is constantly responsible for the child and should ensure that no one else’s work is disrupted. Children under the age of 12 must be with their guardian or in the room of the company at all times.

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on our premises.


If you’ve hurt yourself, a first aid kit can be found in the 1st floor cafe.  For major injuries, contact our staff immediately. 

Please kindly notify us of any damage, breakage of goods, spillage of coffee and other traces of life so that we can ensure that the space remains tidy and the damage is repaired. You can report either directly to our staff or to info@coworkinghome.com.

Here is the  rescue plan for the premises:   https://pelsu.fi/kansakoulukatu3/.

Open fire and candles are not allowed in the office building.

If you lock yourself out of the office 

This is only for 1st and -1 floor teamrooms. If you lock yourself out of the office please contact: Securitas alarm receiving station tel. +358 20 491 2600. They will let you back into the office. Please note that they will check your ID and this will be given to us. This service cots 43€ + vat 24% on weekdays and on the weekends 75€ + vat 24%.


The member is fully liable for direct and indirect damages to the Innovation Home premises and events caused by themself with their own insurance. The member is responsible for their own guests.


Lost and found is in the 1st floor reception. Our staff can also regarding your lost items.


We use several communication channels. Newsletters and programs belonging to members are always published in a closed FB group and in our WhatsApp group.


Homepage: https://www.coworkinghome.com

E-mail: info@coworkinghome.com

WhatsApp: Innovation Home Finland, IH Kallio -info, IH Arabia -info, Like IH Family


Facebook-group: Innovation Home Member



Facebook-page: Innovation Home @ihcoworking 



WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/KPOylN8TL7N1BpBkKeB1D9


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