Test week:


We provide you with everything you need from a workspace for a week.


Test week: Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere

We provide you with everything you need from a workspace for a week.

The test week is currently available at the Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere offices!

Each of our offices is equipped so that you are sure to find the right space for you to work pleasantly. Here you will find a variety of ergonomic workstations, but also a homely kitchen where you can explore and network with other members of our community.

During this test week, you will be able to test the suitability of the workspaces we offer, and see if they suit your needs. We also welcome wishes and suggestions for development, because we know that our clients know best where and how they want to do their work.

During the week, you will also get to know other entrepreneurs and companies working on our premises. This opens up new opportunities for you to grow your own networks and may even bring you new types of business opportunities.

During the test week, we commit to you, like all our members, and at the same time you can test our services without risk.

NOTE! At the moment we can offer you a test week: in Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere!

For a week, you will have access to all the opportunities we offer our customers!


We offer you and your company…

The best possible international platform and gorgeous coworking spaces, or your own office space.

Functional, versatile and comfortable meeting areas, also for client meetings.

Coffee and tea for you and your guests, just as much as is needed for an effective work day!

Catering -services for client events, both big and small.

An active global network and community.

A showroom for your products or services


We want to prove that a working space in Innovation Home is an investment for you and your company’s future.