Innovation Home Values


We believe that a happy person is more creative and productive. Happiness consists of many different things. It is a combination of presence, genuine communality, 360 ° services, exercise and a versatile diet. The well-being of our members and staff is important to us.

We offer a work environment that supports happiness, with a variety of exercise opportunities, healthy food and social contacts. The fact that you can work in clean, safe and inspiring spaces, where co-workers and customer service are always close to you, alleviates your own workday and everyday challenges.


On the Top

Innovation Home strives to climb to the top as a pacemaker, leading the crowd – always looking ahead and up. We follow trends and absorb and share lessons from around the world.

TOP service is at our heart. The most important cornerstone of our service is reliability. When you tell us how we can help you, we’ll do it. It’s easier to smile when we’re in TOP condition ready to conquer the high peaks while respecting nature.



Sharing information and networking is a key part of our business. In our experience, matchmaking, the active integration of people and companies, has a significant impact on growing a business. An important part of this is transparency: trust and the desire to open up your own networks. We are delighted to see how this culture has spread in our community.

In addition to connecting people, inside the walls of Innovation Home we combine wonderfully new and old design, creating a homely and open atmosphere for the community.

We love the opportunity to help and connect! That’s why we’re ready every day to help you find just the right investors, customers, partners, or information to help your business grow.



Our members and staff form a very close community where help is always close at hand. Innovation Home’s DNA includes a good spirit and equal attention to everyone.

It is paramount to us that each of us can be our own self, boldly bring out our thoughts and try new things.

Together we celebrate everyone’s success. And when things don’t go according to plan, we’re ready to support you to a new try. Soft values support achieving big results.