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 | Hot Desk |

Prices starting from 230 € / month (vat 0): 

Hot Desk means that you always have a workstation in our common area, but it’s not the same spot every day, which also brings a nice variation to your own everyday life. The most important thing for us, however, is that you can work safely and ergonomically and choose the best workplace for the day’s work and their demands.




| Fixed Desk |

From 345 € / month (vat 0): 

Assigned workstation means that we always have an own desk reserved for you that others cannot reserve or use. If you wish, you can leave an extra screen or other equipment on your workstation to make your workday easier.




| Teamroom |

From 710 € / month (vat 0): 


In the team room you have a lockable door and always your own peace. The sizes of our rooms vary, so you should contact us and tell us more about your needs, and we will find the right room for you. The room is always available to you and your team.



All our services include:

  • Postal address
    (also includes scanning service)
  • Use of the meeting rooms
    free of charge at your own location
  • Use of common areas
    at all locations by arranging in advance
  • Your own workstation
    by agreement, either in common areas or in a private room
  • Coffee and tea
    as much as you can drink, also for guests!
  • Black and white printing
    color printing for a small fee
  • Wi-Fi
  • Matchmaking among other members of the community
    we help you find the right partners
  • Virtual and live events
  • Use of advisors and mentors
    There is a huge amount of expertise in our community!
  • IH Member App
    Our own app that connects you to our other members
  • Social Media support for your posts
    Publish and tag us, we will share your posts!
  • Logo for our website and office wall
  • Catering services
    Helsinki & Espoo
  • And lots more location specified fun!

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